Sunday, August 17, 2008

Extreme Random Room Makeover

We have a "third bedroom" at our little 1950's ranch that's oddly situated between the kitchen and a hallway leading to additional bedrooms. Its tiled floor and doors to the back deck also make it a less than desirable "traditional" bedroom.

Dan has mustered up the energy to do quite a bit of work on the room over the past few weekends. He painted the walls a warm yellowish khaki and pulled down a mishmash of shoe molding, crown molding and corner molding (the original owners didn't coordinate the dry wall to meet in the corners, leaving gaps that were covered up by molding). The old and disjointed molding was replaced with nice, new molding. Dan also stained tile grout (to match the kitchen's), switched out the light fixture, put up navy curtains (with a nice, mahogany rod), painted the dingy closet doors and changed out the closet and door hardware. A braided rug (from Scarbrough Faire via Ebay) and our new rooster painting topped off the transformation. We think the room will be a more inviting "office" than before and will serve the purpose of a convertible guest bedroom when needed (we moved the futon from the back bedroom, replacing it with a double bed).

Selfish thoughts run through my head... (I'll be able to sleep at least seven my bachelorette party weekend)!


Mirabelle said...

YAY for rooster painting, new molding, and bachelorette party sleeping space!!

moeko said...

I can't wait to see the new room!