Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Work for Roxxi

So, our CEO came into my office the other morning and let me know that after two "trial runs" in the office, Roxxi could not, at least at this time, become an office dog. He said that it's probably perceptions more than realities, but the issue is that people aren't used to big dogs. 

I was glad to hear him say that Roxxi seemed like a sweet and well-behaved dog. Also cited was the fact that we have an important client who's not as dog friendly as many of us are. I agree with our fearless leader that the work environment and culture are important and shouldn't be disturbed. He said she can come back for occasional visits. 

At least I know that she didn't do anything in poor character or hurt anyone or anything. I don't think she's the first approximately 100-pound Rottweiler to get somewhat of a bad wrap for others that came before her. 

Luckily Roxxi never got accustomed to being an office dog. Her life won't really change as a result of this decision; she'll continue napping at home on her bed or the chestnut-colored hardwood floors. All is well in the end regardless. I'm still happy to be in an environment where they are dogs roaming free, even if those dogs aren't mine. 

Photo is a few years old (visiting Jason's family's place up in Blue Ridge, Georgia). Roxxi is wearing Jason's family dog's life jacket.


Mirabelle said...

Roxxi is an angel and a badass-- She's like a choco taco. Sweet as anything but still so funky fresh.

Dawn Gahan said...

I had heard about this and it made me sad. I liked her a lot. Being a big fan of large dogs, I suppose I'm a person who doesn't equate ferociousness with size (or my big boy Gideon would eat children and small rodents for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

She's lucky to have a home to roam.


K_Streams_Her_C said...

I would love to meet that handsome Gideon!