Sunday, August 17, 2008

Roxxi's Office Debut

Our five-year-old Rottweiler (okay, technically Dan's dog, but I've adopted her) made her debut at my office last week. I brought her in on Monday after a Sunday of playing at Paw's Playhouse.

An average of four or five dogs are usually at my office, with the liberty of roaming freely. Tod, the CEO of my office, encourages a dog-friendly environment. I was surprised to see all the dogs at large when I came into interview but found this to be a nice, comforting touch.

The "regulars" are all characters. There's Cleo, Tod's dog, who I can't tell you much about other than that she's old and really only has one sensory perception left (smell). Jay J is a white, rescue boxer/bulldog mix who couldn't be cuter. Bella is a petite black lab with a sweet heart but a nervous and sometimes territorial attitude. Olive is a teeny and spunky king charles cavalier spaniel, and such the cuddly pooch. 

I know Roxxi is scary looking to strangers but has a gentle temperament and backs down to the tiniest of dogs. As I suspected, she was wonderful with the people and other dogs alike. She was 99 pounds of energy and showmanship, especially this past Friday (her second visit to the office). After a few days, I'm going to feel out my coworkers, gauging their levels of comfort with her becoming a regular office dog. I know she would love that!

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Dawn Gahan said...

I vote that she's a regular! I love big dogs and I think she's a sweetie.