Friday, August 29, 2008

You Know, the Girl With the Curly Hair

Since I consider my bachelorette party weekend to be a "special occasion," I decided to straighten my hair. My girlfriends will be arriving in waves starting in about half an hour.

As I blew my hair dry, I thought about how it had been about two months since I'd blown dry my own hair and straighted it with my flattening iron. The longer my hair has grown, the less I take the time to style it. My typical look involves throwing some gel or curl cream into sopping wet hair and walking out the door, allowing it to dry as the day goes on.

I suppose the wavy/curly regular look really started a little over two years ago. Up until that time, I styled my hair almost every day, with the occasional hurried wavy day. Just before a Train concert in July 2006, I decided I didn't have time to fully do my hair. When Dan came to pick me up, he saw a different style than what he was used to (which I was honestly very nervous about). 

To my surprise, Dan complimented my hair and asked me why I didn't wear it like that more often. I hope he doesn't regret it, because ever since he said complimentary things about my quicker "do," I don't straighten it very often.

Sometime I'll have to post pictures of the many hairstyles I've had (mostly during my high school and early college years). The mane has been everything from chin length and chocolate brown (not my shining moment) to three inches long with bleach blonde and dirty blonde chunks.

Apparently I've become very boring (and lazy)...

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