Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Few Observations on Pineapple Express

I'm not quite in the mood for a full blown review (I cite a coffee mishap that led to a pot of coffee on the floor, in a drawer, on a cabinet, on the rug, stuck up in the maker itself, etc. and being late to work because of it).

Instead, I am making a short list of my observations. 

I will start with the pre-movie madness:
  1. Free movie previews are fun, but they give away about twice as many tickets as they have seats. You have to get there REALLY early. (Thanks, Emily, for the free tickets!)
  2. You can't bring your cell phone into advanced screenings. They are serious about this.
  3. Don't be a douchebag with a laser pointer. Someone pointed a laser pointer at the screen before the previews began. Movie management said they wouldn't turn on the movie until it was turned in, and the movie had to start in under 20 minutes or it would be cancelled. Would you believe it took this goofball 10 minutes to turn in the silly laser pointer? And he left it in the bathroom instead of owning up to his sixth grande antics. Smooth one, loser.
The movie itself:
  1. I had no idea that "pineapple express" was the name of a certain blend/grade of marijuana.
  2. I hadn't realized before that James Franco can be funny, actually, really funny.
  3. If you liked Superbad, you'll really like Pineapple Express. It has more action, more of a plot and a helluva lot more one liners. It's also wittier and less crude than the younger Judd Apatow flick. 
  4. Watch out for the character "Red" played by Danny R. McBride. He had a lesser role but may have been the funniest person in the film.
  5. I recommend that you see it. Pineapple Express is one funny movie. I think it may even find a home in our DVD collection. 

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Mirabelle said...

This is good! I have tickets for the 930 show on Friday.