Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Most Selfish Review (Photographer)!

I feel that few words are needed to go with this review. The photos speak for themselves. Cariad Photography did a wonderful job capturing so many special moments. Our family and friends were also impressed with the photographers' professionalism and laid-back demeanors.

Even before the wedding, I realized Steffi isn't the kind of photographer who's out to rip people off—but was I ever impressed when she mentioned this weekend that ordering prints off her site only cost you a mere $0.39 each.

Plus, in this blog post, not only do I get "review" Steffi and Laura's work, I get to share a few photos from our nuptials with the world...

Thank you, Steffi, Laura (and Laura's "assistant" Ellen).

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annabeck said...

i find my checking the photographer's website multiple times a day. and the pictures just keep getting better!