Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If There Were a "Worst Logo in America" bracket...

I'm sure this one would be in the championship game.

I've been wanting to snap a picture of this atrocious logo (located on I-85 Northbound just past the North Druid Hills exit) for years. When a Chamblee-Tucker pileup clogged the interstate yesterday, I had my chance!

I mean, really... what is going on here? I see WAY too many words and abbreviations, a too-small-to-read organization name, a skirt made out of As and a head that's reminiscent of a Candy Land character.


Mego said...

i have noticed that before but never taken the time to figure out what it is for.

Jessica said...

Alas - on top of everything else, the sign also holds one of my pet peeves: unnecessary quotations.

"People helping people."