Thursday, April 15, 2010

One Line, Two Line, Red Line, Blue Line (MARTA Adventure Time)

I've lived in Atlanta almost five years. While I've ridden the train to the airport or occasional concerts, I've never used MARTA (the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) to get to work.

That changes tomorrow. 

Love my new job... not always loving the commute. Sometimes it's 25 minutes in the morning, sometimes it's 50. Same thing in the afternoons. There's no great way to get from our house to the office. So I figure that riding MARTA (one line to Five Points, then transferring to another line to get to my office) is worth a shot. Maybe I can read or listen to some tunes. 

BTW, could MARTA not get the url or The web address is — which is just about as ghetto as how miniscule its reach is or how goofy its iPhone app is (it's a flat, non-interactive map of train stations).

Wish me luck!

p.s. Emily, any words of wisdom since you're a veteran to-work MARTA rider and all?


Mb said...

YAY for public transportation. You know I like this ;)

Brittaney said...

I'm glad you clarified what MARTA stands for. I always thought it was Moving African-Americans Rapidly Through Atlanta- atleast that's what my husband told me. Teaches me to listen to him.

Danielle said...

How did it go????? Will you do it again?