Sunday, June 7, 2009

Girls Weekend!!!

My high school friends Lauren, Ashley and Nichole and I made plans to spend this past weekend together.  Two of our respective men were out-of-town so it seemed to be an especially great weekend for an estrogen fest. 

After a drink and some catching up at my casa, we made our way to Leon's Full Service for some brews and grub. I think the hour wait was WELL worth it.

Allagash white ale and Lagunitas pilsner

Pub frites with our choice dipping sauces: 
goat cheese fondue and cucumber-dill

My new obsession: veggie loaf with a cauliflower, shitake mushroom 
and sundried tomato salad

Lauren and Ashley enjoy some Leon's

Had to stop by The Chocolate Bar for a martini. 
shley's Mississippi Sidehand was the clear winner.

And you can't hang in Decatur without giving 
some love to the iron people

After sleeping in on Saturday and eating a good breakfast, we gals made our way to the Virginia Highlands Summerfest. We explored the booths of artists, jewelry artisans, wood workers and other talented vendors. Beyond the pain of finding a parking spot, the afternoon was a lot of fun. We also found our way to some friends at Moe's and Joes for a cold beer and reunited with a high school classmate at his newly-opened Yoforia frozen yogurt shop.

Saturday night brought more girl time. We stocked up on fresh veggies, chicken, potatoes and other deliciousness and invited over several more gals for a cookout. Anna, Natalie, Lisa, Megan and Moeko came over for dinner helped make it a fabulous Saturday night. Anna's grilling expertise was much appreciated. Kitchen assistants Lauren, Ashley and Nichole made it work... and we managed to have quite a spread. We girls enjoyed veggie kabobs (green pepper, onion, pineapple and mushroom), packets of grilled/sauteed zucchini and yellow squash, sweet and standard baked potatoes, lemon garlic and barbeque grilled chicken and a spinach salad. Oh yeah, and plenty of wine and Megan's Rice Krispy Treats.

When we got a call from Maria around 10, we couldn't resist heading out on the town. After all, what's a girls' night without seeing Maria?

Me and Nichole

Maria and Anna

Me with Lisa!

Girl group shot... complete with the 
gratuitous photo bomber.

What a fun weekend! It was great to catch up with the HS girls plus spend time with other girlfriends old and new. Thanks for coming together, ladies. Let's do it again sometime soon!


moeko said...

i believe the allagash white was one of the beer sommelier's picks!

mew3333 said...

YAY for girls night out :)