Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What I Love About Atlanta... (an Ashley-style post)

Ashley often posts cute little lists of things she's looking forward to or trends she's enjoying. This post reminds me of something Ashley would do — so here's to you, Ashley! 

What I love about Atlanta:
  • A great restaurant scene (mmmm Rathbun's, Holeman and Finch, Top Flr, Leon's, etc., and lots of fun finds on Buford Highway... the list goes on. Read great restaurant reviews here, here and here)
  • Lots of little neighborhoods with their own interesting, quirky personalities (I'm sure other big cities have this, too, but I sure love the character of the Highlands compared to Little Five compared to Buckhead compared to Midtown, etc. etc.)
  • Affordable real estate (at least compared to other major cities... I mean, where else can you live in a decent house with a yard for under $250,000 and still be less than 10 miles from the city center?)
  • Proximity to the busiest airport in the world
  • The drivable distance to both the beach and the mountains
  • Access to great and affordable public college education (Georgia State, Kennesaw State, Georgia Tech and The University of Georgia are all nearby)

What irks me about Atlanta:
  • Sub-par public transit 
  • THE TRAFFIC (no. 1 worst in the country as of 2008)
  • A sometimes too southern and too conservative mentality 
  • Not a lot of art and theater culture (the north is more famous for this)
  • A mixed bag of good and bad primary and secondary schools within the city
  • Less cutting-edge fashion/style than our big city peers

I also have enjoyed visiting big cities like the D.C., Boston, Chicago and New York — but I'm pretty comfy right here in the ATL.

What do you like about Atlanta (or the city you live in)?


moeko said...

so many things to love about atlanta! i have a sense of pride when i tell people i am from here. (ctown is still my hometown, but if someone asks where i'm from i'll say atlanta, since i've been living here for the last 8 years). unless of course they say - no where are you REALLY from? and then i know they want me to tell them why i don't look like i'm 100% whitie :)
but i digress. i love the fact that we have a black mayor and that we have a large glbt population. i think it speaks to the fact that while georgia is very conservative, atlanta has a lot going on when it comes to culture and diversity.
what else do i love? piedmont park, sweetwater brewery, and the falcons (had to throw that out for matt)!

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Good thoughts, Mo. I totally should have mentioned that while more conservative than other big cities, Atlanta is making strides. :)

Love me some Piedmont Park and some Sweetwater (toss up between Blue and 420).

Go Falcons!