Monday, July 20, 2009

Compliment Where a Compliment's Due: Live Nation Tickets

In an era of utterly despicable customer service departments, I feel like I should give credit where credit's due. I had a really great customer service experience with the national ticket vendor and concert promoter Live Nation (you may know them as a competitor — and potential future business partner — of Ticketmaster). Here's how it all went down:

I realized about a month and a half ago that I couldn't find my Depeche Mode tickets. The two tickets I bought were about $150 combined — not exactly something to let go of easily. I searched all around the house, including multiple searches of the area where we keep all our concert tickets when they arrive. 

After extensive searching, I started to wonder if I never received the tickets. I put off calling Live Nation because I was 100% sure I would get the run-around from the company. Not to mention I REALLY did not want to hear that the concert tickets couldn't be refunded or tickets couldn't be reprinted. So I put it off and put it off.

I finally bit the bullet and called Live Nation on Thursday. I was fully prepared to wait 60 minutes to find resolution for these tickets. I do indeed feel very seriously about Depeche Mode (sing along people: "all I've wanted, all I've ever needed... is here, in my heart... words are very unnecessary... they can only do harm...") To my serious shock and amazement (seriously, like have you ever talked to Comcast, Sprint or about any major electronics company's customer service department?!?!), I got a live person in less than a minute. And that's not even the best part.

The rep I spoke with quickly located the event, my order information and confidently assured me that I would have reprinted tickets within a week to a week in a half. He told me that he voided the electronic barcode of the original tickets and encouraged me to call back if I didn't see new tickets in a few days. My rep told me what kind of envelope to look for in the mail, and he thanked me for doing business with Live Nation.

The ultimate test was getting the tickets in my hand. They arrived today. Score!

Ten Customer Service Legitimacy Karma Points awarded to Live Nation! (And note to self: do the printable pdf tickets next time...)

Live Nation customer service: 1-800-431-3462.


Mb said...

that IS amazing. 3 cheers for Live Nation.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Seriously, right?

moeko said...

i love awesome customer service! i repay them with my loyalty to their company. for example i will never switch car insurance bc geico's customer service is out of this world. i also wish i could find a good alternative to comcast bc they have the worst service known to man.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Comcast = the devil. Seriously.

Good to know about Geico! I know you had a good experience (considering) with your car situ back in May.

AsianCajuns said...

Ooo that's awesome and good to know. Oh and have a great time at the concert- v jealous ;)

K_Streams_Her_C said...

AsCajs — I hope I can give the concert a good review, too!

Anonymous said...

lucky i can rest assure knowing there is actually a good performance customer service out there...i'll definitely will give them my ur blog btw!!!


Kb_Mal said...

Fashionista: just cross your fingers they don't merge with Ticketmaster... or else that great cust serv may change!

And I want to hear: how was your date? :)