Monday, July 13, 2009

Keepsake Blog Award — and my Keepsake

PLT tagged me last week with a keepsake blog award. A few simple rules (care of Miz PLT's blog): 

Post a funny or sweet keepsake that tells something about you.
  1. Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers that you think are keepers!
  2. When I read her blog, I knew right away what keepsake I should write about:
Starting with the moment I met Lauren and her parents (and still true to this day), the "Grinder" family has always been incredibly hospitable. Lauren's dad is telling stories and making snacks, her mom asking people to get comfortable on the sofa, etc. 

For many years, Lauren's grandmother was a regular staple at their home. She was a happy, friendly and crafty lady. As the years went on, she became less mobile and ventured out of her mother-in-law suite less and less. Regardless, she was always busy creating little keepsakes for the people important to her. She made Christmas decorations and stockings, doilies and more. 

On a winter evening (when I was 16 or 17), I made one of my regular visits to my friend Lauren's house. We were probably playing cards or a board game or something when Lauren's mom announced that her grandmother wanted us to come over to apartment-style mother-in-law suite. When we made our way over there, Ms. Griner presented me with a crocheted cross. She told me to keep it in my car, as it would help angels watch over me while I was on the road. And I have.

To be honest, I'll forget ocassionally that I have the cross in my car. It's been there for about 10 years. But I'll tell you what: every time I open my glove compartment and see that familiar blue and beige treasure of ribbons and strings, I smile. I think about the people who love me on earth and the people who love me from their posts high above us. Ms. Louise Griner joined those heavenly ranks in April 2008.

For those who know me less, I should also explain a little more about why I chose this keepsake. In addition to being nostalgic and having a love for handmade gifts, I have/had kind of a tendency of being... well, let's say, an occasionally haphazard driver. I've had a fender bender or two and have sent a few cars to the body shop (or the auto graveyard). This keepsake from Ms. Griner is a reminder that despite what annoying or expensive repairs my car endures, or whatever bumps and bruises I acquire, I'll end up okay...

So, I henceforth anoint the following bloggers with a keepsake blog award. Keep it going!


plt said...

So pretty! And such a sweet story :)

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Ashley said...

don't worry i have 90 days to bring it back!

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Heather from the bar said...

Hello! I just saw this! I will for sure be posting my wedding related keepsake once I get my pictures back :) Thanks!!!!

Kb_Mal said...

Awesome. Looking forward to reading it, Heather!