Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Healthy Dog

Some dogs like peanut butter. Others crave those dry little dog biscuits or pig ears.

For an afternoon snack, I popped open a pint of grape tomatoes. It was mere seconds before our big ole sweet dog wandered in the kitchen, hoping to get a bite. While it sounds crazy, she knew exactly what she's eyeing. She's a vegetable and fruit-eating dog. And she doesn't just eat tomatoes and cucumbers and zucchini, she BEGS for them (especially tomatoes). 

See exhibit A (my apologies for turning the camera on its side halfway through filming):


Mb said...

Awww Roxxi. I haven't hung with her in a minute. My fave video is the balancing act one that Dan took of her. She's so talented.

K_Streams_Her_C said...

Mb, she told me she misses her Polish luva.

Kate said...

oh roxxi love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kb_Mal said...

Roxxi hearts Kate and Mina.