Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Couple That Dresses Up Together... Stays Together?

Erica's comment from my Sunday post ("you + Dan + Halloween = Perfection") got me thinking about how much I freaking love theme days, costumes, dressing up for a nice occasion, etc.

If middle school had a hat contest, I wore a freaking crazy hat. If high school homecoming week featured cross dressing day, you better believe I had a painted-on beard and a men's suit on. Camouflage day? Hell to the yes. I found a way to cover my entire body in shades of hunter green and khaki. If my office allows Halloween costumes, I'm dressing up.

Despite getting a few years older, my enthusiasm hasn't died down at all. And lucky me that I found someone who shares a mutual enjoyment of playing dress up. (Costumes, that is. Don't get any ideas, pervs.) Like me, the husband doesn't halfway do a costume or a theme day.

Here are a few photos exhibiting said mutual enjoyment:

80s Prom II (March 2009)

Ben's tacky Christmas sweater party (December 2008)

Bankhead to Buckhead party (April 2008) — for those of you outside of Atlanta,
basically we had a party with a "preps versus gangsters" theme
(preps not pictured here)

Dan runs the 2007 Dahlonega Halloween 5k with my sister Anna,
dressed as a 70s marathoner, of course

First 80s Prom (September 2007)

Halloween 2009's Billy Mays and OxiClean

And he dresses up nice, too. :)

Wonder what the next occasion will be...


Mb said...

Too cute. Love that both you and Erica included your men in Halloween costumes. Altho Shoe and I havent dressed for the holiday together, I'm also lucky that when he comits to a theme/costume, he brings it.

Kb_Mal said...

You're right - Shoe doesn't kid around!

Chiara said...

You guys are too cute... Miss you!

Brittaney said...

Love it! I agree- having someone to dress up with makes it so much more fun. Gavin loves any excuse to dress up, and we host atleast 2 parties a year that dressing up is a must!

Lou said...

I have to admit that you are a chip off the 'ole block! LOVE, love, love to dress up ... both for crazy theme occasions and for formal black tie. Life is too short ... let's have fun while we're here!

Lou said...
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Kb_Mal said...

You aren't kidding, Mom. I learned from the best!

Erica said...

Love it. And woohoo, shout-out!

Kb_Mal said...

Rats - I forgot to link to your blog. Changing momentarily.