Thursday, November 5, 2009

Meet Me This Weekend (and Eat Free Food)

Anna and I will be helping out our fantastic and entreprenuerial Aunt Vera. VeryVera is seeing how well her already popular "Gourmet to Go" casseroles would be accepted with the Costco crowd (starting with the Alpharetta, Georgia, Costco location). I don't know exactly what my role will be — but I do know that we'll be giving out samples of her various dishes and interacting with customers to see what their reactions are to the food.

(And to VeryVera's brand manager, I apologize that the below formatting got all funky when I copied and pasted from my e-mail.)

See details below:

We will be at the Alpharetta COSTCO this Thursday- Sunday!
VeryVera will be at the Alpharetta Costco store from open to close Thursday-Sunday November 5th-8th. Pick up our Gourmet to Go Best Sellers at the AWESOME savings you know you can expect when you shop at Costco!
Not only can you save big on these delicious VeryVera treats, we will be sampling them all day long as well! So stop by to meet Vera and sample away!
Is one of these VeryVera products your personal favorite?
- Shrimp & Crawfish Casserole
- Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole
- Creamed Spinach
- Parmesan Squash Casserole
- Cheddar Chive Biscuits
- Pecan Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce
You can participate in the decision making too! Be sure to buy all of your favorite dishes to show your support! The top selling items this weekend may be permanent fixtures in YOUR Costco warehouse before you know it!
The BEST Creamed Spinach EVER!
You know you are on to something when you get to enjoy something this delicious and know it's good for you too! A VeryVera staff favorite, our creamed spinach is delicately enhanced by the flavors of parmesan cheese, cream, cracked black pepper, and of course that pinch of nutmeg that was seemingly made just for spinach! ENJOY!

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