Wednesday, November 11, 2009

House Hunt

While we're not yet ready to buy, Dan and I thought it would be fun to start getting a feel for what we may be able to buy in a few months. Because our house isn't officially sold — and we feel bad about displacing anyone from their home so we can come see it — we are going to only visit vacant houses for now.

Here are the ones we'll be swinging by on Sunday:

3/2 in Decatur...UPDATE: booo. This one is under contract. :(

5/3 in great spot in Decatur (note: this one looks like it needs major work — we'll see)

4/2 in North Atlanta

3/3 in North Atlanta

I'll keep you guys posted about the hunt (planning to take pictures when we stop by each house)! We'll also be asking our realtor about other neighborhoods we ought to check out. Know if any great houses for sale in the Atlanta area with at least three bedrooms and and two bathrooms (and hopefully a family room or basement)? Comment with the link!


Kate said...

that second one is cute cute cute! a fixer upper might be too much work though??

The Crow said...

I totally empathize with you. O and I have been looking for months now and sometimes it seems like there is sort of an embarrassment of riches in Atlanta. There are just so many nice pockets of real estate and so many cute houses that it can be hard to narrow it down.

I wish y'all the best of luck, for sure.

Kb_Mal said...

Katebug, I like it, too. We figure there's no harm in going to look, right? If we got a good deal, maybe we would be up for doing some major fixing... we'll see!

TC, I actually heard from O last night about how the hunt has been. Tough to decide what to look at AND to know what will fly off the market asap. Good luck in your hunt!