Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The House Hunt Continues: Northeast Decatur

This 4/3 (with a big bonus room!!!) split-level house was a late addition to our recent Sunday house hunting trip. 

Dan saw it pop up in our gateway (an e-mail service that alerts you when new houses within your criteria come on the market) and asked if we could work it into the schedule. What a great find! The house needs very few changes (changing some linoleum to tile, maybe fancy-ing up the bathrooms a bit, etc.) and we could easily see ourselves living here.

This house is probably my #3, Dan's #1 or #2.

Cute split level.

Nice hardwoods, interesting beams, beautiful fireplace.

Updated kitchen with colors that go with our style.

Another one of those formal living rooms (nice space though).

One of the guest bedrooms.

One of the full baths.

El gigante bonus room! Can you hear the Rock Band?

Sunroom with view of the backyard.

Backyard, complete with a little storage shed.

  • Priced within our budget
  • Reasonable taxes
  • T-O-N-S of space (2,500-ish square feet?) — four bedrooms plus a bonus room!!
  • Family-oriented neighborhood
  • Convenient to grocery shopping and my fave Goodwill (Northlake/Lavista Rd.)
  • Cosmetically updated (granite counter tops, nice kitchen, neutral paints, etc.)
  • Structurally well-maintained
  • Neat exposed beams in the living room — and a beautiful fireplace
  • Good-sized backyard
  • Two-car carport

  • Ever-so-slightly more northeast than I'd like (note: still a great area that I would be happy in)
  • Street is nice but property values aren't quite the same as the Toco Hill-ish neighborhood we also looked in
  • A few of the rooms need new flooring (totally understandable)
  • (Honestly, not a lot of cons here)


Chiara said...

Very nice... You can't change location though!

Jason said...

This is my favorite of the ones you've posted so far!

Mb said...

:) I can already see myself getting comfy in the guest room!

Kb_Mal said...

C - the location is about four minutes (maybe two miles?) away from the other areas we were looking -- so it's really not a big change in location.

Jason - thanks for the feedback. I may have a few more to post, but we feel good about this one, too.

Mb - our guest room will be calling your name, girlfriend!