Tuesday, January 12, 2010

House Hunting 2.1

Since we visited 11 houses on Saturday, I'm going to mostly post about houses we found potential in. For entertainment's sake, I may post about a few that were, well, a little underwhelming (or require too much work for our budget) or looked like the set of Saw IV.

So, here we go with our second house hunting trip's "house #1." This 4 BR/2.5 bath house is in the Brookhaven/Dresden area. It's convenient to the interstate, Buckhead, Toco Hills, etc. As you'll see in my pros and cons below, we have to have mixed feelings about this place.


Nice kitchen with updated appliances and fresh colors.

BIG bonus room/fourth bedroom (or as I call it, "the Rock Band" room)

Ginormous backyard (even bigger than it looks), with a nice, big deck.

One of the two full baths.

  • Convenient neighborhood 
  • HUGE, fenced-in, flat yard (nearly an acre)
  • Fantastic bonus room/bedroom above carport
  • Well-maintained throughout
  • Semi-open kitchen 
  • Lots of living space
  • Two-car carport
  • Dry basement for storage
  • Extra building on lot (maybe a shed or mini-apartment? We didn’t have a key to get in so we didn’t see)


  • A-frame/barn look may not be attractive for re-sale (I didn’t mind it)
  • School district looks pretty bad – which would be bad for resale
  • Backs up to some apartment complexes
  • No attached bathroom to master bedroom
  • Listing price is at the top of our price range
  • Small closets 


Chiara said...

What a cute house!!! It's too bad that it is in a bad school district... That can be a deal killer for a lot of people. Can't wait to see the rest!

Kb_Mal said...

I know, C! I like it sooo much. I'm a public school kid myself and all, but the district looks pretty darn bad. Argh!