Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Beautiful Wall!

My Uncle Harry and his partner, Vern, visited us from Birmingham today with the specific goal of bringing us our wedding gifts. When they planned their visit, I wholeheartedly thought the gift was the painting and the painting only. While this would have been gift enough, they surprised us with some gold and silver chargers off our registry.

It was wonderful to spend some time with them today, as we don't see them often enough and we'll probably not be able to talk as much at the wedding. After sitting back and appreciating Harry's painting for a bit, we went and enjoyed lunch (and live music!) at Sweet Melissa's in downtown Decatur then spent some time meandering around the neighborhood. One of the most notable stops was into Blue Moon Antiques, a cool little shop near the downtown square. The house the shop is located in was so beautiful that the handcrafted treasures, furniture and knickknacks were just additional treats.

Thank you, Harry and Vern, for visiting and for giving us likely the most thoughtful and original wedding gift we'll receive. The painting is even more beautiful than I thought it could be...and it looks phenomenal in the room!

(Note: the painting has already found its permanent home on the wall behind our light brown, leather love seat.)

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