Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Wedding Craft Projects

After an eternity (but a happy, blissful eternity) in Hobby Lobby, I emerged with about $150 worth of project materials. My mission(s):

  • Create individual "menu cards" for our rehearsal dinner (see previous post)
  • Make wedding programs, complete with ribbon bows on the spines
  • Wrap 8 bridesmaids' gifts, 2 program "attendant" gifts, 8 groomsmen gifts and 2 readers' gifts

I also picked up some chocolate brown, satin fabric for the bubble and program baskets as well as some random supplies I thought may come in handy (two sharpies, two different types of tape, etc.).

Too bad I can't talk (yet) about what's in the bridesmaids' gifts. I'm so excited about them! I even put bows on two of the items in each bag. Note: when this is all said and done, I will have tied approximately 250 bows on various items. I can, at least, talk about the way I did the gift wrapping. Since I didn't see many gift bags in our color palette, I opted for some natural kraft bags. I had the relatively creative (maybe?) idea of stamping each bag with a "thank you" stamp. I tried to find a wine or grape stamp but couldn't. Oh well. This "thank you" stamp will be more versatile going forward anyway. Brown tissue paper finished off the bags. The finished results are, in my opinion, pretty sharp looking!

I'm going to handle Dan's gifts for his guys similarly. I bought kraft wrapping paper and brown ribbon to tie up his finished packages. I plan to put a little "thank you" stamp in the bottom, right-hand corner of each gift.

The programs are lumbering along, I suppose. About 50 down, 135ish to go. We printed each program (front and back) and are working on the folding, slitting with an X-acto knife, inserting and bow tying of the ribbons. So far, so good... though this is more time consuming than I thought it would be. But wait! What am I doing instead of working on them? You guessed it. Blogging.

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Mego said...

you are mighty crafty!!