Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dan's illness = Katy's viewing pleasure

First things first. I am sad for Dan that he doesn't feel well tonight and is camped up in bed with the lights out. He better feel better soon because we're in our "final countdown" (t-minus nine days); not to mention I care about him quite a bit and don't like to see him under the weather.

I am not sad, however, that I am now able to watch three-plus hours of TiVo-ed girlyness (Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, Top Design and Tim Gunn's Guide to Style). Long live femme television!


Mb said...

LOL Miss Katy B, always finding the good in the bad.

annabeck said...

it sounds like you have a GREAT night ahead of yourself!

e/b said...

i was just thinking about how even though i'm seriously bummed that michael is in california this week, it's not all bad because i get to watch whatever crap tv on his computer! on demand! with no guilt! yay!