Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rehearsal Dinner Menus!

I've been pining to post more about our upcoming wedding; unfortunately so many of the items I've wanted to post about need to stay secret from Dan (wedding hair style, dress, etc.). Today while working on these, I realized I could put up a post about them.

We're having our rehearsal dinner at a casual Italian cafe in the small mountain town where we're getting married. Since we're hosting a large group (approximately 90 folks, comprised of the wedding party and family), the restaurant suggested choosing three entrees for guests to pick from. 

Another suggestion from the restaurant was including a place for our guests to write in their orders. I thought this was a little bizarre at first, but if it helps the restaurant maintain organization, it's worth doing. 

I struggled with whether or not I should include the beer (Amstel Light, Peroni and Newcastle) and wine options (a cab, a chianti and a white TBD). In the end, I decided that those who wish to consume can easily choose when they walk up to the little private/makeshift bar in the dining room. 

So, each guest will have this little menu card in front of him or her—and we'll have a little votive on each linen-covered tabletop.

We'll see how it all goes (six days from today)... 


Mb said...

only a few more days!!!

moeko said...

this looks great!!

Kate said...

i'm reading from the top down (cake picture) down, so, not surprisingly -- i'm still hungry!!! this looks awesome =)