Monday, September 8, 2008

Bachelorette Party Weekend

I hate that I am just now blogging about this; I only hoped to give the recap the attention it deserved. Not to mention I'm sure I won't do near as superb of a job as my dear friend Mb.

So, the abridged version is that I have wonderful, fabulous, generous and fun girlfriends. Ladies came out en masse for my bachelorette party weekend (Labor Day weekend). I had fun for every moment of the weekend and couldn't have asked for a better "last hurrah" as a single gal. While Dan and his friends were in Charleston, my girls showed off Atlanta's best assets (and their own). Friends came from far, all seemingly equally as excited about the weekend's festivities. For this I was grateful, as they've had many a Katy event they've been invited to. 

Since some friends were already headed to town, I corralled a bunch at our place for Friday evening. Kate joined me early for grocery shopping and a little pre-festivity quality time. We had plans to bowl originally, but as the conversations roared and time elapsed, we realized that staying in and playing a game of "Who's the biggest pervert" (real board game, care of my sister) sounded like the best idea. We laughed; we cried; we had a marvelous time before heading to bed.

Saturday morning brought breakfast and a quick shopping trip to the Ross ("Dress for Less") nearly across the street from our little three bedroom ranch. Before I knew it, it was time to head over to Megan's, where I had no idea what was in store. 

I was welcomed by spinach dip, fresh fruit, drinks, hummus and pitas—and smiling friends, ready to entertain. Megan was a gracious host for the weekend with other friends/family playing generous hosting roles as well. A "sexy gift" shower kicked the bachelorette weekend into high gear. Honeymoon attire, silly games and other unmentionables poured out of gift bags while friends laughed and took photos. Another bride to be, Miss Moeko, seem to like what she saw so much that we may just incorporate a lingerie/sexy gift shower into her upcoming bachelorette weekend.

Before I knew it, Maria was leading me back to a bedroom and asking me to don clothing and accessories from a random "packing list" she'd made for me. I had, of course, been wondering what I would need the following items for: crimping iron, hat, scarf, boots, something animal print, swim suit, pajamas and night club clothes. After following Maria's instructions, I looked in the mirror and questioned my red shorts, zebra top, slouch boots, swimsuit overtop my shirt and cheap cowboy hat atop my head and questioned her fashion sense. After all, I didn't think I was going to try out for the next season of "Rock of Love."

"Whatever could we be preparing for?" I asked myself. Because I enjoy surprises, I suppressed my curiosity and complied. In a few moments time, I was told I would be blindfolded, put into a car and taken on an adventure.

We weren't in the car but for a few minutes before we pulled into a parking spot and unhooked our seat belts. I was really curious at this point. Hearing propellers and jet engines overhead, I asked if we were at the airport near Megan's house. "Wrong," I was told.

The blindfold was removed and I recognized my surroundings immediately! I'd been to this Goodwill many times before. "Since you love a deal more than anyone we know," Maria announced, "we have decided to do a thrift store bachelorette fashion challenge!"

She went on to explain the rules. Three teams would choose an outfit each for me to try and model runway style in the store—then I was to choose a winner. The winning outfit, I was told, was what I would be wearing "out" for the evening.

I browsed the store while the teams hunted the store's aisles. While I was waiting, I found a Theory black button-up top and a black Gap brand trouser skirt (score)! The three teams' final outfits were impeccable and worthy of Bryant Park accolades (okay, maybe that's a stretch). See the photos below in order. 

I really think I would have worn the black, beaded jumpsuit number out (so silly!); too bad a group of effeminate guys, possibly drag queens, staked their claim on the dress before I even got it off my body. Oh well, maybe they have more use for it than I would have. 

What a fun idea. You ladies know me too well!

We trudged on. Dinner (chicken fajitas and beef tacos alongside beans, rice and margaritas) was divine. We prepared for a night out on the town and were picked up by a thoughtful pair (my sister's boyfriend and his cross country coach). Alan drove from out of town to be one of our "taxis," which was very thoughtful.

The gaggle hit up new-ish nightspot Door 44 (a rock-n-roll kind of club) before moving the party to an old standard (Twisted Taco). A series of "dares," put together by Mb, kept the night fun and exciting (not to mention full of great photo opps). Veil and all, I embarrassed myself (and my female companions) through a series of dares, having a great time along the way. 

The early morning came before we knew it. Our chauffeurs picked us up and brought us back to Megan's for some Mexican leftovers and frozen pizza. Time to wake up also came before we knew it, especially since Lauren and I stayed up talking until the wee hours. 

The girls wrapped up the weekend with a Sunday diner brunch/lunch and a planned, lazy poolside afternoon. We worked on our tans, napped, read the latest gossip rags and recapped the weekend. What an ideal end to the perfect weekend. Thank you, ladies, for being so wonderful. I am one lucky, lucky girl. 

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